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Listed Below are articles as they appeared in Rural Delivery written by Rupert Jannasch. Click title for link

  1. A brave new world of pig farming (August 1995)
  2. Coffee? Make mine profitable (August 1997)
  3. Confessions of a first-wave organic inspector (June 2016)
  4. Fair game on the farm? (June 2015)
  5. Getting incorporated (March 2016)
  6. Meat inspection: Overkill not needed (March 2015)
  7. Pondering a pond? Resist the urge to excavate, and do some planning first (September 2016)
  8. Respecting others' ways (June 1996)
  9. Riding the Argentine range (March 1999)

Listed Below are articles that have been written for the Organic Agriculture Centre Of Canada (OACC) by Rupert Jannasch. Click title for link

  1. A Comparison of Pasture-fed and Feedlot Beef (2002)
  2. Are Organic and Hydroponics a Good Fit? (2008)
  3. Barriers and Opportunities for Greater Organic Vegetable Production in Atlantic Canada (2009)
  4. Controlling the Cucumber Beetle
  5. Cover Cropping with Fall Rye? Careful! (2003)
  6. Energizing Pastures and Grazing Cows
  7. Fueling Organic Soils with Forages (2008)
  8. Growing in Water or Soil
  9. Heater Hens and Hothouses (2004)
  10. Mad Cows and Organic Beef (2004)
  11. Mixing Soil for Organic Transplants
  12. Organic Seed Regulations Tighten
  13. To Market, To Market?

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